Monday, 25 October 2010

kx culture: stories/images/sounds

Central Saint Martins is moving to King's Cross next year; the university throws a celebration in Lethaby Gallery on Southampton Row, telling stories of the industrial aspect of that area, showing videos and photographs of present time kings' cross and how it is being redeveloped and footage of this area in the time.
In their official website, the university states that "for more than 150 years, King’s Cross has been a source of inspiration for visual artists. From Wyndham Lewis and Victor Pasmore and more recently Mike Leigh to Cornelia Parker, the area has been the counterpoint for a rich and diverse plateau of work, often reflecting moments of transition in an artist’s life." Personally, I never had the chance to really explore the area for every time I am there, I will be carrying hand luggage and preparing to either take the train to France or go back home.
Many participant artists were showing the work, among them:
Marc Atkins, Phil Baines, D-Fuse, Graham Hudson, Isaac Julien, and many more...
I really enjoyed Pathways: Kings Cross by D-fuse, which is usually shown in a 3D environment, only the modest venue this time could only afford to play the video as a regular projection.
Oral history recordings, shots from old films, new shots re-enacting old scenes in present time, all is brought together in a docu-fiction that even explains the process of screening the film at some points.

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