Friday, 25 February 2011

end of distress

I finally managed to figure which software would be the best for Veejaying, mind you, I need it to be user friendly. Earlier I have managed to get a copy of max msp, the mere sight of the interface freaked me out, the platform was so complicated I couldn't even deal with opening a canvas and start doing anything! nothing...
So today, I found out on this website: that the best VJing software for 2010 was Resolume Avenue 3.
I downloaded the trial version, and here we are, with a decent platform! something familiar! no patches and code work!
I already tried a bit, I am managing, by the time the show comes, I would be pro in this hopefully!

objects indoor outdoor

I took some pictures with my iPhone camera, downloaded and played around 2 of them. Lately thinking how to combine indoors and outdoors objects. These 2 photographs will not be used in the final project, they're just here for the combination created.

filtering some of the notes

My aim at this stage is to create an autobiographical universe.

This will be achieved on one level through a travel between the different houses that I have live in, not all of them, but mainly the ones that were the most significant. On another, through objects of transitional nature, the powder milk tin container that my grandmother used to recycle into a plant pot.

For the houses, the different facades will be combined into one big facade, cubically stitched and using the camera tool in after effects, I will be traveling through the different facets of the cube, each facet carrying a photograph of one of the houses.

Thursday, 24 February 2011


Present - March 23:
Continue brainstorming and taking notes of visuals and ideas that will make it to the project
Keep on researching a good camera
Test shooting for some of the ideas
Go through the archives of Assafir Newspaper to develop the yearly events of the chart in the project

March 24 - April 7:
Take pictures and film in different locations
Find the right tutorials for the different techniques
Think of the sound piece

April 8 - May 13:
Compositing and creating loops
Sound: either contact a young professional or use copyleft pieces

May 14 - June 11:
Finalize all the loops to include rendering
Finalize the sound and test it on the loops

June 12 - August 1:
Get acquainted with the VJing software
Create a showreel version of the project

Thursday, 17 February 2011

remix theory