Monday, 29 November 2010

rheo: 5 Horizons by Ryoichi Kurokawa

This video audiovisual installation is composed of 5 flat-panel displays and five multi-channel speakers, each panel connected to a mono channel sound, audio is synchronizing the video, while each panel acts independently, together the 5 panels create a sort of an ensemble. I was intending to use this work as an example in my research paper, in the paper that speaks about the fluidity of the New Media Object, then again, It was going to be hard to explain both process and the details and then place this work within the context of the paper. Kurokawa's piece is brilliant and the implementations it suggests, the independent yet self-contained units could be hard to imagine otherwise. check out the video, the quality is much better on the DVD, yet, it is an OK option for now.

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