Thursday, 24 February 2011


Present - March 23:
Continue brainstorming and taking notes of visuals and ideas that will make it to the project
Keep on researching a good camera
Test shooting for some of the ideas
Go through the archives of Assafir Newspaper to develop the yearly events of the chart in the project

March 24 - April 7:
Take pictures and film in different locations
Find the right tutorials for the different techniques
Think of the sound piece

April 8 - May 13:
Compositing and creating loops
Sound: either contact a young professional or use copyleft pieces

May 14 - June 11:
Finalize all the loops to include rendering
Finalize the sound and test it on the loops

June 12 - August 1:
Get acquainted with the VJing software
Create a showreel version of the project

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