Thursday, 24 March 2011

for the chart animations

I still have to set my priorities in terms of what goes in the project and what doesn't. Everytime I think that I did go through this process, it turns out that the final outcome cannot be that varied in term scenes selected.

I was browsing for tutorials, for the chart animation, I found this tutorial by Mylenium that shows how to create a fully animatable diagram with a few expressions and some thinking around the corner. "While there are other techniques to create such graphs manually based upon Masks or the Write-On effect, this one has the advantage of being quite flexible and allowing last minute changes once you have the basic template. It cannot save you from buying dedicated software if you need things such as XML import or more variations of the look, however. In order to maintain maximum control over the look and avoid overloading one comp with too many layers, we are going to use several pre-compositions and cross-reference them with each other."

the final outcome should look like this, but with playing around and modifying the angles, i might be able to get rid of the slight angle displayed in the final outcome.

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