Monday, 21 September 2009

1W2 onedotzero’s ‘adventures in motion’

The onedotzero festival ‘adventures in motion’ took place last week at BFI Southbank.
Very inspiring, the selection embraced a wide variety of techniques, great videos juggling through multiple types of imagery. I watched 2 sets, ‘extended play 09’ narrative shorts from different visual approaches, and ‘partizan: the next generation’, showcasing their music videos, commercials, and animations.
It took me a week to write about this event on this blogspot maybe because I was very impressed by the artworks screened. I was taking personal notes during the screenings, I would read them now and filter some few good ones that might help me with research related decisions; assumptions like 3D animation doesn’t appeal to me, the importance of generating visuals in my project’s final outcome and throughout the whole research process, the idea of using the screen’s full potential, experimenting with its dimensions, emphasizing details and scrutinizing wide thoughts, creating a sort of a visual dictionary / library…
Check the festival’s website:

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  1. Hey Maya, thanks for this. I like the sound of Squidsoup's interactive sandpit!