Tuesday, 17 November 2009

1W10 Narratives Online

I was reflecting on alternative ways of coming up with a narrative. There is this site I have found: www.narrativesonline.com. It's a Pakistani Lady living in London, active author Shahrukh Husain, who came up with this website to bring advice on writing and publish interviews with established writers, helping new writers as well break-through. The website is also linked to a blog where everyone gets to post concerns and get replies from random people and from above mentioned author as well, issues like 'my character is stuck in this situation...'.
The author of the website speaks of a ' thriving online community ... A place where you can hone your craft, learn about the world of publishing and find like-minded friends along the way. There will always be expert advice available when you want it.'
I am still new to this, I will be posting more about it if I fall on something good in there.
I am not sure how great is this, or would it turn out to be a too good to be true kind of idea?
The author's website is: ShahrukhHusain.com.
More later!

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