Monday, 30 November 2009

1W12 What is Remixology? A Research in the Visual Style

What I have been seeking lately is to figure out what would be the next step; unfortunately I have been stuck with numbness. I reflected on last week's chat session theme 'reflection' and decided to go ahead and open a blank canvas and try out a visual treatment of photos I have in my recycling folder. This is the result, collage, stamping, smudging and color correcting. I am attached to these elements in image making, and I think that partially, I wouldn't mind to use this style in the final outcome. Automatically including my figure in the visual made me think of the duality it would create: Myself as a VJ showcasing visual narratives about my other self as the character in the story. I have no clue what this could lead to, but so far, am finding this idea interesting enough to break the ice and make me proceed with the research.

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