Monday, 21 June 2010

citations from David Bowie

The Story of David Bowie – interview /documentary – 2002 (part 1 / 6)
'The subject matter that I write about I feel it’s very consistent it has been over the years, it’s a kind of separateness, isolation, a sense of anguish, and some fear in there, a little bit of misery, ‘the miserabelish’, really isolation, and that’s being really consistent for 30—35 years, it’s just my way of approaching it changes from year to year, trying to approach probably the same question in a different way each time.'

The Story of David Bowie – interview /documentary – 2002 (part 3 / 6)
'In the early seventies, where I would take 3 or 4 different subjects and intercut them, cut them out with scissors, and then sort them all in a big hat or something, and you just pull out bits of phrases and put them together and see them if they’re part of any interesting ideas. And sometimes the phrases were so good you could just use just as they came out of the hat.'

The Story of David Bowie – interview /documentary – 2002 (part 6 / 6)
The interviewer asks David Bowie: 'Isn’t it awful that you have to explain it (the cd cover for heathen, being inspired from man ray and Bunûel and not another science fiction trial)'… David Bowie replies: 'I am getting used to it actually, people these days are so F***ing dumb, nobody reads anymore, nobody goes out and looks and searches and explores the society and the culture they were brought up in, people have an attention span of 5 seconds and they have as much depth as a glass of water.'

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