Thursday, 16 December 2010

curating the blog task 1st draft

Ever since the start of unit 1 and until December 1, 2010, I have posted 79 blogs, some examining a single issue and others mixing and recapping, under the same post, the practice of multiple artists and the briefs of different readings, on the condition that the latter practice should be revolving around the same subject.
Looking in retrospect, sometimes I think that I could have been more systematic from the beginning and try to make every other post homogeneous within the entire blog, but again, it’s turning out that this platform is not a website, and it would be like shifting the concentration towards style, proof reading and unifying rather than spontaneous content and ongoing writing.
I feel comfortable blogging, even though I am not big on social networking tools. But having a specific topic in mind, and the specific task of writing about the development of the project, I noticed that sometimes I use some of my posts as archival material or notes to self to which I could come back to later on. I have managed to create a comfortable space for me where I get motivated to watch a film and then write about it or search about a specific notion and try to rewrite it to myself to grasp it more. I also revisit my blog to inquire about a specific gap in the project and look at certain aspects that might have been possible weaknesses or even look at the areas that are already richly covered and maybe over-saturated.
I also discovered, while checking out my posts that my trips between Beirut and London could be reflected on my blog as well; in Beirut I usually post about books I am reading or certain reflections on the project itself and the project’s context, while when I am in London, I am usually writing back or archiving a specific exhibition I have visited or a festival that I have attended.
My main topics revolve around narrative styles in relation to computing and digital arts. I use a lot practitioners work to speak through them about a certain methodology or about a certain detail that could relate to my field of interest in this MA and the progress of the theme: narrative breakdown in the VJing playground.
The research paper’s posts have dissected the big theme into: new media objects in relation to autobiography, therefore, a narrowing down of the narrative to autobiography and a trimming of the big theme of objects has become specific to transitional digital objects.
The research paper helped me coin some terms that were a source of anxiety earlier and that have now given me the confidence in the bigger vision.
Other posts include more vast digital arts practices and technology related inventions, general examples, techniques or theories that could be related to the field in general.
There are reserved posts in regard to the practical aspect, this is what I should start emphasizing. I was not convinced earlier that my tutorials in the different softwares could be worth being posted, but now I am thinking that since this is a learning practice, it should also include the practical aspect even if there’s not much worth mentioning yet, visually speaking.
For the first draft of this task I am pasting below a list of all the titles that were posted as well as all the labels that have been assigned to each post. An elaborate diagram should be created at a later stage and a reshuffling in the labels (in a new post) is needed at as a second step, as some were very vague and are clearer now.

1- research paper - final submitted december 1, 2010
2- rheo: 5 horizons by ryoichi kurokawa
3- celluloïd-e by andré décosterd, michel décosterd / cod.act
4- dj spooky - on information - instrumental reason
5- london futures: 1 oct 2010 - 6 march 2011
6- feedback on research question and abstract version 4
7- revisiting the research paper - version 4
8- revisiting the research paper - version 3
9- hollis frampton’s nostalgia (1971)
10- hollis frampton’s lemon
11- tutorial - feedback on abstract
12- abstract v. 2 - to be revisited
13- walid raad at the whitechapel gallery
14- kx culture: stories/images/sounds
15- museum of london: ldn24 by the light surgeons
16- alphaville festival 2010
17- requiem for concrete - mah rana
18- collecting a kaleidoscope
19- objects as clutter, as emotional and intellectual companions, as reflective of historical periods.
20- live cinema: a documentary by toby spark
21- the internet: is it changing the way we think?
22- jonathan harris and digital artscapes
23- cultural analytics - mark rothko paintings - on th2 287 - megapixel hiperspace wall at calit2
24- david cronenberg’s short film «camera»
25- research paper - updates on the idea of objects
26- research paper (idea #1) and institute benjamenta the film
27- citations from david bowie
28- david bowie speaks about ziggy
29- fast note on what is the opposite of opposite?
30- on ‘material memories’ by dj spooky
31- dan black ‘symphonies’ video
32- jk keller - or the guy who enjoys working!
33- yas get it right
34- ‘symphonies’ by dan black
35- mpr conclusions and recap on tutorial session
36- brainstorming on screen - frame - canvas etc...
37- inspiring practices: faraday_101 by andy stiff
38- the new spike jones: ‘i’m here’ preview
39- on memory - 1
40- pixels: retro gamers
41- leftover brainstorming - and an after effects trial
42- mpr feedback
43- mpr presentation
44- lev manovich: from sketchpad to ipad
45- drafting personal narratives
46- leftovers of images from my iphone
47- soft cinema: navigating the database
48- dissecting and structuring
49- remixing ‘deep remixability’: trying to get it right
50- baa - british animation awards
51- dj spooky speaks about his album ‘the secret song’
52- dr. riley crane (mit) and the 10 red balloons darpa contest
53- laura marks and the theory of ‘haptic visuality’
54- burroughs and gus van sant
55- decode: digital design sensations
56- 107 women is too much women.
57- indie film ‘the girlfriend experience’ by steven soderbergh (2009)
58- 1w13 damien hirst’s no love lost
59- 1w13 janet murray and the incunabula days of the narrative computer
60- 1w13 the times that remains
61- 1w12 what is remixology? a research in the visual style
62- 1w10 narratives online
63- 1w9 yann tiersen + dominique a = monochrome video clip and live in concert
64- 1w9 project proposal - final version
65- 1w8 a conversation with a friend
66- 1w7 the narrator in wim wender’s wings of desire
67- 1w6 the 5 obstructions by jørgen leth and lars von trier
68- 1w5 hamletmachine by heiner müller
69- 1w5 a foot kicking a ball: romance of football narrative in the digital field
70- 1w4 tokyo! a film by michel gondry, leos carax, and bong joon ho
71- 1w3 virtual and actual
72- 1w3 douglas gordon and philippe parreno’s film: ‘zidane a 21st century portrait’
73- in praise of the jackass, the airhead, and silliness in general
74- 1w2 onedotzero’s ‘adventures in motion’
75- 1w1 bus stories
76- all is happening in my brain
77- 1w1 presenting myself and my proposal
78- jill magid’s ‘authority to remove’
79- a foot kicking a ball: the romance of football

autobiographical compositing
digital art
DJ Spooky
drafting the project
haptic vsuality
image making
inspiring practices
Lev Manovich
live cinema
multi-sensory mundane
narrative styles
new media object
online community
project proposal
research paper

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