Wednesday, 26 May 2010

JK Keller - or the guy who enjoys working!

I came across this video of JK Keller, a guy who decided to 'live his life faster' so he spent 8 years taking daily portrait photos of himself to assemble them in the below video. I am not saying that the originality of the idea is what is valuable in here, but the persistence and the perseverance. There is a sense of madness in what JK Keller does, not everyone has the guts to actually cross the bridge and do the action.

Living My Life Faster - 8 years of JK's Daily Photo Project from JK Keller on Vimeo.

So I went on checking out his other projects, it turned out he's pretty much involved in counting aspects of is life, archiving, categorizing... For instance this is another example of what he's practicing: 'Fingerspelling Matchbooks', 2005.

check out his website:

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