Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Feedback on the clips - Mike and Paul

I showed Mike and Paul the clips and I got their feedbacks, some general and others clips related:
- Modul8 the software is fine, I won't need something more specific at this point.
- The Midi is just there for practical reasons, I could manage to operate directly from the software itself, it's just the buttons on the midi are more comfortable.
- Mike suggested I gather all the clips on one big composition, on some form of a grid and I could move from one clip to another, moving up and down on every other clip while they are playing, probably could zoom in and out of the playing clips as well.
- Paul suggested I dissolve and do some layering work.
- Mike and Paul suggested I cut the clips even further, making every other movement a new clip, in other words, split the clios more.
- Mike suggested I take elements from clips and save them as separate layers as well to enrich the whole performance.
- They both are insisting on the importance of music.
- A VJ could be sitting behind the audience unless he is part of the performance, "you don't want people to look at you, you want them to look at the visuals".
- When you connect the controller or the midi to the computer, you have to map the midi, making the computer key detect the controller.
- Paul suggested I use the ease in and ease out buttons.
- Note to self: Consider projecting on a LED screen?

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