Saturday, 25 June 2011

Final Sentences Sound and Voices

2 weeks ago, I asked a tenor friend Ziad Nehme, to try to read operatically the sentences I would like to embed in the sound layer of the project. I also contacted another friend (who would like to remain anonymous for professional reasons) to compose and edit the sound layer.
There is no one reason why I would like to include an operatic narrator in the project. I love Ziad's voice, and in the drafts he sent me (to be posted in another note) he reminded me of when I used to come up with songs when we were young, a very common boredom related exercise. Do children still do that?
Here are the sentences I asked him to sing, the long ones will be rather read.

- Transitional Digital Objects: Fluidity in compositing an autobiography or a failure to create a portrait of the whole?
- Look at me not falling apart.
- Look at my sister.
- Look at my mother.
- Look at me, randomizing the course of my events.
- Autocorrecting my autobiography.
- My arbitrary decisions are random.
- How can I embed meaning in my random life?
- At the age of 5 I was like a black and white film, silent until further notice.
- My communication consisted of muttering few words intermittently.
- My memories are abundant there’s a jungle in my head.
- I whistle in the vacuum to retrieve a memory.
- It is all so connected like threads woven with threads.
- It is all so connected like a contour of an amorphous form.
- In a football game, the player reads and anticipates the action of the other.
- In this game, I can read and anticipate the action of you, the other.
- The idea of restoration of dialogue is omnipresent.
- We were two kids, my older sister and I, living with our parents. Our entertainment was to watch the plants grow and the flowers blossom. My mother’s efforts in providing us amusement included, one day, an outing to watch a football game at the only playing field in the village. Upon our arrival, one of the players kicks the ball and the ball hits me squarely in the face. As my nose starts bleeding, my mom quickly takes me into her lap and places my head on her shoulder. She runs back with me towards our house to nurse my injury. That day, my nose bled so much it ruined the removable collar of my mother’s dress.
- The removal or reduction of the ‘bread and circuses’ from mass culture will threaten the continued operation of the market and society, as well as higher philosophical truth.
- Beirut had become a potential ‘winning’ project; the mere existence of the country on the map is a victory.
- The citizens reclaim symbols of the republic, the flag and the national anthem which otherwise are usually confiscated as the property of right wing nationalists.
- The delirious crowd, the intellectuals glued to their television screens, and the public literally colonized by magical passes or punches.
- “Voluntarism of imagination” on a small screen.
- The simulacrum of the field is a field in reduction, a micro-field.
- On ultra big screens: the ability to imagine is reduced to zero.
- The screen enlarges players, giving back to the audience, as in their early days of movie theaters, their childhood perceptions… a period where all adults appeared as giants.
- The relation between the public and the television screen is revealed at the end of the match; suddenly the event is no longer inside the screen, but totally outside it.
- The screen is reduced to its modest role as witness, or substitute with the mere task of giving older and sick people a reflection of what is happening elsewhere.
- The urge instantly felt by each viewer to meet the crowd. There’s something to share, something that does not exist outside the sharing process; and that is the object that the screen cannot contain. It is at the same time the victory and the limits of the media… the moment when television screens become abandoned by all those who rush to the streets to congratulate each other.
- It is not by accident that, twenty years later, I still recall the football hitting my face that day in my parent’s village. It has become the alarm that wakes me up every morning.
- A marble / A crane / My white heels key holder / A button / the Sun / Plastic purple heart / Ladder / Flower / Wave / Me / My sister / My mother.

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