Wednesday, 6 July 2011

MA Degree Show space planning

Jonathan's show space planning and my responses.

What is it?

This show is possibly the most difficult one you will ever be involved in, the main problem is that it is 2 things in a small space. It is firstly, a personal exhibition of your MA work and secondly a joint show of 17 artists. This is almost a contradiction!
Don't worry! You should enjoy the process of planning and thinking through the challenges!
The final show itself makes up a small part of your assessment, the learning outcome is to present a 'resolved body of creative practice' and this will be seen in the blog more than in just the final show.
The temptation in the final show is to try and show everything you have done, the better approach is 'less is more'!

How is it organised?
We would really like this show to be planned and organised by you the students, combining online and face to face. We have successfully done it this way for the last 7 years. The alternative is that I and other members of staff simply curate it and tell you what space you have and how to show your work. This is not ideal as you will miss out and a really important learning experience of planning and delivering the exhibition.

What do I want to show?
Answering the questions below, as clearly as possible, will help you begin to plan the space. Please be flexible, you can and should have big ideas but you also need to be prepared to adapt them to fit the space and the group nature of the show.
There is very limited technical support from the college, but amongst the group there will be enough skills and experience to cover the groups' needs. I may also be able to bring 1 person in (an ex-student) to help for some of the time. Personally, I have vast experience of curating, building and installing exhibitions and I am happy to give advice but if I get too involved you will miss out on the learning experience!

Construction and the environment
For many years, vast quantities of timber and chipboard, and hundreds of hours have been wasted building fake disposable walls for exhibitions, which are dumped in the landfill within days of being installed. This is not a responsible use of resources and we must be more creative in finding solutions to showing work. The space we will be using already has fairly good walls and is being used for the BA shows before us.
All the work you want to show and any construction or building must be agreed by the group and me, as course director, and paid for by the student. There will be some resources we can recycle and there are good options to purchase stuff nearby. Everyone will also have to complete a risk assessment form nearer to the actual exhibition.

Deadline for this form?
Tuesday 5 July 2011
Jonathan Kearney 16.06.11

Your name:
Maya Chami

What do you intend to exhibit?
Please be as specific as you can, for example: how many pieces do you intend to exhibit? What is the size of your proposed work/s? (Include a drawing if this is useful)

Size: Very flexible, depends on how we share the space. If I have to give a figure, probably wall width to vary between 1.20 meters and maximum of 2.40 meters.

First piece:
I will be doing live performances of my end project in outdoor cafés here and Beirut and will ask someone to film these shows. The Filmed material will include people sitting or walking or even reactions, some of the projected material, as well as the setting, sound and ambiance. I will then edit these filmed performances and have them projected in Camberwell.

Second piece:
I will have a version of the original clips edited alone (that is without the cafés setting), and will project this as well, since the showreel will not be showing the clips exclusively.

Both pieces (First and Second, that is the showreel and the edited clips) will be screened either simultaneously (2 screens on top of each other, near each other or facing each other, depending on the space that I get); or both videos will be screened on 1 screen each at a time, following each other.

Do you have any other specific requests?
e.g. power supply, a corner, floor space, or darkened area

- A wall
- A darkened area
- Power supply
- Projector
- Screen on a wall (if the wall is in good condition and has got a nice texture, I might get rid of the screen)
- A box to hide the media player and plugs

- A wall
- A darkened area
- Power supply
- An iMac 27 inch
- A box to hide the plugs

- A wall
- A darkened area
- Power supply
- A flat screen TV
- A Media Player
- A box to hide the media player and plugs

What are the Health & Safety considerations?
(please note that before the degree show you must complete a UAL Risk Assessment Form, which must be signed off by the course director who can help decide if further action is needed)

I am not familiar with Health & Safety considerations; maybe making sure the equipments don’t heat up risking a fire?

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