Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Tutorial with Jonathan on Tuesday July 6, 2011

1- Regarding the show, about the live performance:

I had 2 options:
- Option 1: To do the live performance in Beirut and show a showreel with the audience followed by 1 version of the edited clips
- Option 2: Ask for 2 spaces for the show (which is impossible) and do live show twice and show an edited version of the clip on a separate screen (this second option depends on whether there will be other people doing live shows as well, that way we can share the space and the equipments and so on)

Jonathan agreed that a live show in London would be much easier if there were 2 of us, there were last year for example and it worked well as they shared the equipment but not sure that will happen this year... He said that I may feel that showing it in Beirut and then showing a documentation video in London is not as good, but he thinks it would be better.

I thought that playing the live in Beirut places the clips in their context

Jonathan suggested that I show the documentation film and make it very clear that it is from a live performance in Beirut and that could actually be more interesting for people viewing it.

He then asked me where would I do a live performance in Beirut? I had a friend suggesting that I do a live in their collective space that is indoors, but I was thinking more on the street, which might require a lot of paper work: a permit from the municipality and a very good projector, and I will also need to ask surrounding places to turn off their lights during the projection…

Then Jonathan said he was hoping I would suggest outdoors and that he feels this could work really well... however, rather than having to plan a huge thing, I could do it on a very small scale, just a small projector, projected onto a street wall, not very big, even for just a few people...

I then thought of projecting in an outdoor café, located on the street and they have people coming in all the time, they should have a sound system, that way I could just plug my laptop on their system and a lot of the needed kit would be there already.

Jonathan suggested I could film at different cafés; film each one once, projecting onto their exterior walls onto tables from above…

Along the documentation video, I could have an edited version of the video as well running either on the same screen or on a different one for the London show.
Jonathan asked how would this change the work, the work has an intimate feel, a personal feel... he suggested that maybe the small scale is better. He asked about the film called "final bricks clip" on my blog, what would that look like projected even just A4 paper size onto a wall similar to the wall in the film?

For me the layering would work since I use a lot of backgrounds in the clips, the layers of the film and the layers of the projection surface.

Now I have to do my research on that and get approvals, this is also a good way not to ship so much to London. Jonathan suggested I bring a DVD or an HD media player if you I want an HD quality, or make both, as a back up
Jonathan suggested a hard drive media player, there are several like this
Good quality and small and easy to carry in a bag to London. They have several different output connections, not a projector just a player to connect to a projector or a TV, the Western Digital one should do.

Size wise, I don't mind any size for this show, as a lot of people are showing and I don't mind a reasonable size, so this could depend on division of the space of the show.

Jonathan mentioned him curating a show about 18 months ago and we showed one film projected about A4 size and about only 90 cm up from the floor, very interesting and made people look more closely
Like Mona Hatoum's piece, the throat video, it was projected in a plate on a table
The sound is not going to be played live; I am using the recorded piece.

2- Regarding the clips:

Jonathan thinks I can start refining what I have then show it live in one or more spaces in Beirut.

I asked if the clips look too beginner-ish since it is the first time I animate.
Jonathan thinks the clips have a naivety, which is fitting to the subject matter... The only thing I would say is about the pace and direction of the movement, meaning that the times when the images fade into the background seem to work much better... for example in the bricks clip, when the drawing moves to fit next to the white paint on the walls, it looks like a powerpoint slide movement, but when the image fades into the background, it looks much more interesting, when the skyline moves and foreground move, that is much more effective, so maybe use less movement of single elements, maybe even try with the fading into the background, not go all the way to 100 opacity, what if the images stop at 90%, so you get feel of them actually on the wall, maybe this will look interesting.

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