Saturday, 28 May 2011

the art of oussama baalbaki

Oussama Baalbaki, a Lebanese painter, had a show few weeks ago in Agial Gallery in Beirut. The show's title was "Rituals of Isolation" and title that resembles the painter in so many ways.
These are some of the paintings exhibited, I am mainly posting here the ones that tackle the objects subject. An excerpt of what has been said about the work:

"In Oussama Baalbaki’s (b.1978) new body of works, the painter’s eye recedes from the outer visual extent to the chamber’s setting. There, he observes his existence, in the same way he observes his “model”, in an implied psychic and an intellectual framework, using plastic means, derived from the monochromic expressionist realism sensibility. Works that pair features of Painting with features of Installation, to come up with a state of plastic synthesis deeply penetrating into climates of mystification and radiant ambiguity."

All the paintings are Acrylic on Canvas, and the sizes vary between and a meter to 2 meters width, the titles for the above canvases are in order: "The Perfect Mood", "A Persistent Midday", "Harmonious Posture", "Enlightment II" and "Untitled".

One of the earliest paintings I liked, an older work that includes a portrait of the main marxist figures portraits followed by an iron, all on the same canvas. I can't seem to find this one anywhere online though.

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