Saturday, 7 May 2011

rotoscopes and memory, dream, and hallucination themes.

I was showing the presentation video to a friend today, and lately explaining what rotoscoping is all about, how it could help me generate visuals very close to reality, without having to deal with the actual real photographs, she gave me the title of a film that I just starting watching "walking life", it is available on the following link:
After watching a part of the film, I realized that so far, most of the rotoscoped films that I have seen mainly employ this technique whenever the theme is memory, dream, or hallucination related, which again makes me build a triangular diagram between these 3 topics.
I am fearing a cartoonish feeling in the project, this is why I keep on requestioning whether there's any "cartoon" visual style in the loops I presented.

A scene from "Waking Life":

"A Scanner Darkly" trailer:

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