Saturday, 7 May 2011

why the loops are slow and the marble doesn't roll

I had the time to reflect on the 3rd of May presentation, in response to one of the feedbacks I got:
- The main reason why the loops are very slow: that will give me more maneuvering time for the live version, the pace is not going to be the same in the show reel. The whole time issue will be synchronized along with the sound piece, once it is completed.
- I still didn't make up my mind regarding the marble, whether I want it to roll or to stay sliding, I think sliding suits more the surreal effect, the memory digging type of imagery, if everyone "expects" the marble to roll, why do I need to do that? as a counter argument, I could use the egg that doesn't behave according to the nature's law in David Bowie's video "survive", minute 0:32 (not comparing, he's great!!):

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