Saturday, 28 May 2011

Meeting with Cineast Ghassan Salhab

I had the chance to sit briefly with Ghassan Salhab and show him the first clips a week ago to get feedback, and to see where I am standing at this point, here are the points that recap the meeting:
- He referred to Foucault's idea of "Le temps / Les temps", the plurality of the moment that could be seen from different points of view after having read briefly the paragraph about autobiography and stressing on "discontinuities", "fissures", ruptures" and so on...
- We discussed the idea of mixing elements in more than one clip, that is using the same element in different clips to create a rappel.
- He appreciated to relation to space in clips but found the clip with me and my sister on the huge building with the marble sliding too narrative for a beginning, but after I argued that it is not the beginning, that this clip could be placed anywhere in the sequence, he approved the use of this clip in another sequence.
- He remarked that the characters in the clips are mainly playing with tools that I am giving them (the objects) rather than playing around architecture, which he found more interesting.
- He concluded from the clips that they are not revolving about childhood but it is mainly childhood playing in the world of adult, which i find quite amusing, I haven't thought of that earlier.
- he suggested that I play around evocation, or keep evocation in the back of my mind when I am building up my clips, for instance the inflatable pony could make more than one appearance, it could be an element that travels all through the different clips.
- He approved that in the last clip I created: I should get rid of the Arabic logo on the cement block and that it is too distracting.
- Ghassan also suggested that the pen clip could be more playful: and that if I animate the pen buttons along with a color that appears on the black and white photograph, it could be of a greater impact.
- When I suggested placing all the clips (4x3) on different backgrounds, mainly shots from my grandmother's house (16x9), he approved and said that it could create a base to support the whole.
- Last before ending the meeting, he mentioned the idea of opening and finding stuff, childhood being all about objects that one finds after opening a box for instance "l'enfance c'est ouvrir et trouver quelquechose, faire sortir des objets..."

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