Monday, 16 May 2011

wie wer leben (the way we live): nikolaus jantsch

Another good treatment of material I saw yesterday, from the Aurora Edition 1 DVD, Wie Wer Leben (The Way We Live) by Nikolaus Jantsch. I couldn't find the video online, so I might copy it later from the DVD and post it in here. But in the video, it was mainly the paint animated over low resolution videos, an organic way of dealing with footage.
All the above images were taken from Nikolaus's student page:
His description:
"The way we live is a film that faces the beauty, the pleasure with the difficulties of life. Sexuality provides us energy, it´s a sign of vitality. Bullfighting is a metaphor of life and death, the arena is a scene for risks and danger, courage and commitment of violence, all aspects that can be found in existence. Life is full of barriers that everybody needs to get over."

Year: 2006 - Duration: 7 minutes 40 sec. - Music: Stefan Löwenstein & Amir Abou-Roumie

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