Saturday, 13 August 2011

about the live documentation - final decisions

I had doubts earlier whether I would want to show the live documentation as well as the edited clips in the show, I sent Jonathan the edited version of the documentation to see whether it is necessary or maybe if I get rid of the documentation it would be better? Jonathan's opinion was that the 2 films do work together, they could be on the same screen side by side, and that maybe if the films are different lengths then maybe loop them until they are close in timing, I would then have different juxtapositions. Jonathan also mentioned that it would be good if I do the projection onto a wall or a background, a little bit the layers that I use in the animated film (the original plan, what we discussed during the tutorial and that was not applied accordingly during the live, as people helping me set up said that the colors were coming out too dull on the grey door at bread republic).
Jonathan: "This wouldn't have to be a formal live show with invited guests, I could imagine it just projected quite small, almost without people realising it is there, and then document the showing of it. Maybe the projection is very low, the projector kind of hidden under a table, and people are walking in front of it? I am just thinking of ways to connect the film even more to you home city. You have a good documentation of the live show with guests but is it worth more subtle, more hidden projections, without permission, maybe just for you, but putting the films back onto the surface of the city. Hope this makes sense, but obviously there may not be time to do this now, maybe these are ideas you develop in the future."
I was not sure whether I will still have the time to do one more live before traveling to London, but just now I decided to pull myself together and try another live maybe on Monday? I thought I could project live either on one of the walls of the Saroulla building (where my father's office used to be located, facing my school, and where we used to hang out a lot when we were kids) or on a surface at the GEFINOR building (where my mother used to work, and where we used to spend some of our Saturdays, waiting for my mother to finish work).
I will not invite people, whoever is passing could just stand to watch.
GEFINOR is not a very busy area at night (it is the one I use in the crane clip); and since Saroulla is on Hamra's main street, maybe this option will win? I will think more about these 2 options and decide tomorrow.

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