Wednesday, 10 August 2011

the live documentation

Bread Republic, Hamra, Beirut, Lebanon
30 July 2011, 9:00 pm
An outdoor café with a capacity of approximately 80 people seated outdoors.
The live show took place in this location. I invited my contacts via facebook only, since the place doesn't fit a huge number, so I needed to limit the invitation myself.
I didn't reserve the whole place, just asked the owner and organized the rest of the deal with the manager earlier that week. So some of the people were there for the invitation, and others were just hanging out when the live of the final project happened.
Feedback was very positive in general, A commented that viewing the clips edited instead of 1 clip after the other was essential, the layering in the live and playing bits and pieces of the clips added a "mood" that suits the audio and that is personal. T and R decided that the next time this should be played, I should ask Ziad Nehme, whose voice is featured in the audio, to participate live in the event, with a band if possible, other feedbacks were also encouraging and positive, these are the 2 main ones I adopted.
Some important issues to take care for future lives though:
- The sound's volume was a bit low, despite the fact that I had volumes of both speakers and the iPod turned all the way up. The speakers are purchases (for the show in London) were outdoor speakers, they simply don't do the job outdoors, on the street, when cars are honking and people on the street are talking.
- Self criticism:
I should find a way to be more relaxed in another live, before the show, maybe ask a performance artist or an actor/actress to give me tips that help me to freak out just before the live.
- When the software (Modul8) is shut down then run back, I should either remap the midi controller or upload the saved version of the edited buttons, otherwise, I will end up manipulating the live from the laptop screen!
An edited version of the clips is on its way, I will be posting soon here.

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