Friday, 19 August 2011

tests on the tv screen

I finalized the performance and the clips editing today and I will probably post them on the blog really soon, (when I get to a good internet connection). Today I tested the video on the TV screen at my friend's house, it worked well, I am satisfied with the final outcome. I hope this feeling doesn't leave me soon! I am still worried about a couple of matters to include building the plinth, renting the screen, but first and foremost, dragging my bags on arrival from the airport to the room. One thing I noticed today is that if I am using a screen, I probably won't need the speakers, so less kilos to go in the bag! also, the .mov from Apple Pro Res 422 didn't work on my media player, I had to re-render the final outcome as h.264.
That's it for now, I should start working on Unit 2 Assessment so that I don't panic on last minute.

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