Wednesday, 10 August 2011

the live documentation in the actual show?

Concerning the documentation for my project.
In our last tutorial session, I agreed with Jonathan that I do a live show in Beirut, and show it along with 1 edited version of the clips in the final show in London.
I did the live in Bread Republic, an outdoor café in Beirut, and used 2 cameras, 1 front and 1 back to record the event.
Now I am editing the live, but I am finding the idea of showing the "Live in Beirut" in the show in London a bit useless, I could just upload it on my blog and instead show an edited version of the actual animated clips in London. The reason is: While I am editing, I am realizing that why would I want people to waste their time watching people, in another location, watching the same thing they are about to watch. I thought of splitting the screen: screen 1 documentation and near it screen 2: the video = then I thought it is unjustified and I don't have the split screen on my agenda, I didn't even research it for this specific project.
So I am thinking to leave the documentation for the blog and 1 version of the edited clip for the show. People wouldn't have the patience to stand still for more than 15 minutes watching 1 artwork.
I will be sending Jonathan the edited version of the live show to know what he thinks of all this and whether he approves my decision.

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