Saturday, 13 August 2011

Saroulla Building and Projection on Monday

I will go tomorrow to this location (Saroulla building, where my father's office used to be located and that is facing my school) to take a better view and search for a good spot in the building where I could do the projection. Meanwhile here's a photo that I found on the net, shot by "Bluescape" and posted on "Panoramio". Originally this building embeds two cinemas, one still functioning and turned into a theater "Al Madina Theater" and the other cinema has stopped functioning in the early 90s (according to my father), and is being used as a storage space.
According to Al Madina Theater website, the Saroulla cinema was built in the late sixties and was abandoned during the entire period of the Lebanese civil war.
The projection I am planning on Monday does not take place inside the cinema, rather outside it, on the walls of the actual building.

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