Monday, 1 August 2011

Configuring Korg to Modul8 – notes to self (for future use)

1- Plug Korg Mini before opening modul8

2-Launch Modul8 and open the project

3-Go to Mapping > Edit Midi Map

4-The different functions will become highlighted in green

5-Click on the function that you want to map on the korg controller, it will create white corners on the function you chose

6-Turn the button (or slider or press button) on korg, the one that you would like it to affect the highlighted function


7- Go to Mapping > Edit Midi Map to allocate the function to button, end of mapping!

8-If you want to keep the korg buttons and functions the same way all the time, you could go to Mapping > Save Map as Defaults.

9-To give the keyboard functions, same procedure could be applied using the Edit Key Map instead.

Happy Mapping.

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  1. Hi! Im new to using Modul8, I just got this same midi, I was wondering if you could share some tips or preferences with the mapping, I keep getting stuck trying to figure out what to assign, thanks!