Saturday, 27 August 2011

to London and setting up the show

My plane was delayed, we hovered over London for 7 times before we get the OK to land. Already, to start with, we left Beirut a bit late, the reason being "the European skies are congested"... After 2 hours commuting to reach the apartment, I was too tired to commute again to university. I first entered the exhibition space on Wednesday morning. I was freaking out about where will I find a screen to rent, and how will I build the plinth and the shelf, eventually, all happened so smoothly, thanks to Jonathan, and all my colleagues who had already created an atmosphere of DIY collaboration.
I was told to start with sanding my walls and then paint them, this is what happened, then we had to wait for the drying process, and since I didn't have my material on me, I just started removing some of the paint stains off the floor, I managed to place the shelve on the wall. Second day was mainly about hooking up the TV, checking the media player, which was later on replaced with a USB to diminish the number of requested plugs. Later it was setting up the image, figuring out the looping mode on this TV, writing instructions on how to turn on and off the project and finally placing the postcards and the business cards on the shelve. The last day was mainly checking on who needed help and giving a hand here and there.
Still need to unify all of the show's labels and we will be set for the final show!
Unit 2 Assessment starts on Tuesday morning, so I should be finalizing the write up for that now and post it in here.

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