Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Requested Items from Ina's list

"List from ina's blog

Needed from everybody:

-On/Off instructions

-Artist statements

- Price of work / no. of editions (if for sale)

-Phone numbers in case of exhibition related emergencies

-Please put all the above in one .doc file

-Fill in the label details / prices even though they wont go on the labels:

(I am not sure if I understood this bit clearly).

-Contacts you want to invite to the private view: it will be sent out which day?

(This list has already been fixed, I will not include the emails here for privacy purposes)

-For cleaning: Mon 22 August - you all should come in between 10 and 11, not at 12 or 13 etc etc…

(I arrive on the 23rd of August at 11:30 in the morning, I should be able to place my bag in the room and head to university, I could make up the lost day with either invigilation rota or other tasks, like clearing stuff on show down)

-Bring some cleaning supplies, maybe some floor cleaners, or a mop or a scrub, bucket etc.

-We need to clean all of the floors, in both spaces

-Even if your work is not finished or installed, or if your space is clean already

-Everyone will help clean the floors in both spaces

-This is one show in two spaces, not two separate shows in two spaces.

-Once your space is ready you will help out anyone who is not finished yet.

-Once the floors are clean you can get back to work"

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