Thursday, 11 August 2011

Show Preparations: Chat Brief with Ina

Today Jonathan invited Ina, former student, graduated last year, to join us for a chat session about the show and the preparations for the opening. It was a pretty fruitful session, here is the chat brief:
1-Show build starts on 22nd of August, we need to be there in the morning, we won’t need to take our work to the space until Wednesday 24th probably. Cleaning happens before assembling our work.
2-Once in the space, clean it up: Floors and Walls.
3-We will need to buy paint, sand paper, pollyfilla, floor scrubs, rollers and brushes, tape, cleaning supplies for the floor, wine, juice, glasses…
4-There is a B&Q on New Kant Road. It is best if one person goes and buy the supplies for everyone.
5-We might need to touch up the plinths if some of the projects require one.
6-There should be some in Wilson Road that could be moved to the exhibition space and we should be aware that these are heavy.
7-We should find out who is in charge of the build technicians, they will help us find things we might need like tables etc…, they could lend us drills and material.
8-Students will do most of the drilling, we might need to ask permissions for some of the holes and avoid concrete drilling!
9-We should avoid students only looking out for their own space, we need to sort out all the floors and walls and plinths together, before we start on your own.
10-Someone also needs to be in charge of making sure the online students who wont be coming to the showbuild gets their stuff up the way they need.
11-We need to send invites/promo next week with the website on these, after everyone has upload his/her material on the website
12-Delegate one person to send marketing.
13-We should we arrange the budget for buying general materials such as paint etc? Last year, they had a pretty big budget, they were 26 people, and they all paid around £70 each, they all paid in to Ina’s paypal account, and then she sent payments out and paid for supplies etc. that budget covered postcards, catalogs, posters, glasses, wine, juice, paint, brushes, tape, sandpaper, polly, etc etc.
14-So far in the space there are no spot light, only big light.
15-Last year the had 4 cases of wine, had one and a half left
16-Ask the permission from the organizers (Claire is on this list) for signage, and refreshments.

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