Wednesday, 17 August 2011

unit 2 assessment - brief from Jonathan

UNIT 2 Assessment

Please note, we wish to assess all work carried out after the unit 1 assessment. Any work prior to that date may not be included.

Learning Outcomes

1. Present, in the final exhibition, a resolved body of creative practice that has evidenced the systematic enhancement of your knowledge and understanding

2. Analyse and reflect coherently upon your own practice and its context in both written and verbal forms

3. Summarise your overall progress and formulate a constructive plan for continuing Personal and Professional Development.

Assessment Evidence

1. Participation in the symposium (this is the 5 minute presentations you all did in early April)

2. Reflective journal and written paper evaluating your practice and future development (1000 words overall)

3. Practical work resolved according to your proposal and presented professionally as part of a the final exhibition

Curate your blog

You are required to curate your assessment. A separate page / section of your blog is required, with a title such as UNIT 2 ASSESSMENT. The idea of this is to indicate to the staff and your peers your understanding of the knowledge that you have developed over the unit. This is contextual knowledge, professional skills that you have developed. Knowledge that has been obtained though systematic rigour such as 'action research'.

The 'curation' requires the following:

• Create a new page / section within your blog called UNIT 2 Assessment.

• List the Learning outcomes.

• Under each learning outcome, you will need to evidence how you have achieved it. Remember learning outcomes require a minimum of 2 pieces of evidence - we expect to see 3 / 4 pieces of evidence. Use the 'Assessment Evidence' [listed above] as a guide to what you can submit. Remember much of your ideas / developments and contextual information will be contained in the blog, so use what you have already written

• Write some short notes about each piece of evidence, discussing how it relates to the outcome, and why it is included above other evidence – why you feel its important.

Remember that things that did not work are as important as the things that did.

Please make sure all liabilities are cleared – library books + fines, Halls of residence fees etc. Failure to do so will stop the release of your grade + result.


22 August – Show build start

25 August – meal at Jonathan's house in the evening

30 August – Assessment starts - all evidence including the written paper must be on your blog by 09.00

1 September – final cleaning and preparing the exhibition space

2 September – show opens to the public

4 September – show closed for Sunday

6 September – private view 18.00-21.00

8 September – External Examiner visit - (he will want to meet some of you) & final day of the show

12 September – show comes down - you must come in a help to clear stuff away

13 September – final marks given out

Two important things about the show

You all need to agree an invigilation rota, to ensure all spaces are occupied by a minimum of two people. Any spaces unoccupied will be shut.

If your work involves a complicated set up to switch it on each morning, you will have to provide detailed instructions for whoever is invigilating that day, or come in each morning to set up.

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